Hire the right people

Select qualified applicants faster and better.

Video Interviews

Your applicants can easily answer specific questions for the position by video. Get a true feeling of a person before inviting them to an in-person interview.

Questions & Rating

Ask singlechoice or multichoice questions. Use standarilized or custom tests. Set up scoring for better filtering of best applicants.

Involve your organisation

Give access to any of your coworkers to the system. Restrict which positions or applicants they will see, and if they are able to review/rate them.

Easy Integration

Be up and running without any installation costs - Semathi is cloud-based. Already have a recruitment tool? No problem, Semathi works easily with most recruitment systems.

How it works

Mouse over/tap on the images below to explore the basic workflow in Semathi

Create a position
Add questions - video questions, singlechoice, multichoice, cv-upload & more
No installation needed
Semathi is cloud based, so you are up and running in minutes.
Publish & Invite
Put the provided interview-link in the text of your position ad, or invite specific users directly.
Applicants are invited
Applicants can start the interview by entering the link.
Applicants takes the interview
Applicants take the interview. They answers questions, upload cv/files, as specified in the position.
Custom look & feel
You can customize look & feel of the interview with your company colors, logo and more.
Review & Hire
Review all the applications - you can give good applicants a 'like', reject unwanted applicants. Invite the best applicants to personal interview.
Involve co-workers
You can add some of your co-workers as reviewers in the system - and get their opinion on all or specific applicants.

Usage plans

We offer a free trial - try our solution on a single position and see how much easier the applicant selection can be.

1 position
unlimited applicants
unlimited interviews
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from 1250,- DKK
1 position
unlimited applicants
unlimited interviews
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from 6900,- DKK/month
unlimited positions
unlimited applicants
unlimited interviews
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The service includes the possibility of styling the applicant interface with your company logo/colors and technical email support for the applicants in several languages.
Do you represent a non-profil organisation? Contact us to get a fully free-of-charge semathi license.